The success our customers gain thanks to promotional sale campaigns is our success. Our success and our customers’ success are not gained by chance.

Our business was founded more than 40 years ago. Our starting point was toy area. Thanks to our well-established expertise in compression moulding, we had the possibility of gaining more and more skills in promotional area; thus we became one of the most important Companies at an international level.

Our Company has always pursued a policy featured by innovation and high quality standards: all this allowed us to develop noteworthy know-how in technological fields; thus we could partner our traditional range of promotional products with a range of coffee machines which can be placed both in office premises and at home.

Throughout our career we have been producing products featured by any shape, size and purpose; we have always made use of the best materials and technologies and we have always been abreast with market development. As a consequence, we have always been able to supply our customers with products which satisfy their requirements.

We supply our customers with full and first-rate service: our starting points are multimedia graphic demonstrations of a certain product. These demonstrations become prototypes and then finished products.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction: so we pay much attention to every stage, from product design to the making of our products. We pay much attention also to important topics, such as industrial safety and our products’ conformity to the sets of rules which are in force nowadays.

Conceiving, designing, carrying out qualitative and functional tests, producing, decorating and assembling: our customers are offered full assistance and cooperation step by step; so, as time passes, each stage takes the best and most suitable shape.

Flexibility in production and steadfast care of every single stage make our Company more than an ordinary supplier: we aim at becoming our customers’ partner and collaborator as far as the development of any operation is concerned.

Our policy aims at establishing a partnership between our customers and our Company:

your success is our success.